The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

The Importance of Digital Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World
Aug, 1 2023 Business and Marketing Rosalind Greene

Setting the Digital Stage

Let's set the stage. Imagine for a moment that we have crossed the long and challenging terrain of a global pandemic. As we catch our breath and look around, the landscape of marketing has dramatically changed as if transmuted by some potent alchemical process. Everywhere you look, businesses are digitizing, and digital marketing feels akin to the wizard with the proverbial "key to the kingdom". As if magic has become reality. Not unlike the time, I discovered Conrad trying to conjure up a snack using his toy wand, just to avoid eating the broccoli sitting on his dinner plate. Eye-rolling mom's tales aside, the truth is, the internet isn't playing pretend anymore. It's profoundly alive, commanding, and downright indispensable.

Transforming Brick and Mortar to Click and Order

In the blink of an eye, brick and mortar shops have morphed into click-and-order markets. Digital platforms and online marketing strategies play a pivotal role in this transition, from the way businesses sell products to how they capture, captivate, and retain customers. The tectonic shift towards digital marketing is as inevitable as a seven-year-old avoiding chores, much like Tessa, who somehow disappears every time it's her turn to take care of our pet bunny, Sprite.

Navigating The Global Marketplace

We live in a world where I can purchase the most exquisite artisanal Italian cheese right here from my couch, in Perth, while watching the latest episode of my favorite sitcom. Or where a local craftsman in our very own Fremantle, makes the loveliest wooden toys that children in Denmark delight in. Isn't this just an amazing interconnected marketplace that we've transitioned into? As Thomas Friedman wrote, the world is indeed flat, thanks to the advent of digital technology and digitized marketing.

Unleashing the Power of Social Media

Let's not neglect the power of social media. Once a platform for harmless cat videos and embarrassing dance-offs, it has now evolved into the most influential marketing tool in the digital world. Social media empowers businesses to tap into vast, vibrant digital communities, each person a potential customer, advocate, critic, or collaborator. It's like having an army of cute and cuddly rabbits, much like Sprite, ready to wiggle their noses and wave their virtual wands to make your business visible to the world.

Search Engine Optimization: The Invisible Conductor

No conversation about digital marketing would be complete without discussing the stealthy and potent power of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is the secret sauce that makes online content sing to the tune of the search engine's algorithm and dance its way up to the first page of search results. The magical maze of SEO, it reminds me of the time my kids were adamant about hiding Sprite's food in the house, sending me on a week-long treasure hunt.

Embracing a Data-Driven Future

We finally need to discuss the big gun in digital marketing - data. We live in an era where data is the new gold, and digital marketers are the new-age prospectors. Constant tracking, analysis, implementing, tweaking - data drives decisions. Data analysis, for digital marketing, is akin to having a crystal ball that predicts your customers' needs, wants, and how you can best fulfill them. The prospect of this might seem as daunting as trying to persuade my kids to consume their veggies, but we, as savvy digital marketers and persistent mothers, know the art of turning challenges into opportunities.

The phenomenon of digital marketing, as we see it today, is no longer a futuristic concept but a current necessity. As businesses and professionals, we need to embrace this digital revolution, even as we emerge from the shadows of a global pandemic. Together, we can build competencies, forge new partnerships, eliminate boundaries, and redefine success. Here's to embracing the power of digital marketing, one click (and perhaps, one bunny at a time). Because let's face it, what else but the digital world could give you the unique opportunity to sell winter boots in tropic Perth while in the comfort of your own home, and at the same time, gently nudge your child to finish their veggies. So, viva la digital revolution!