Building And Construction Canada

Construction Today is where industry executives learn about fresh growth prospects and how to stay relevant in the trillion-dollar North American construction business.

Executives may utilize Construction Today to manage trends in this fast-paced industry. The impact of construction expenditure on the US economy, controlling fluctuating material costs, LEED design and construction, new technology like BIM, and workforce retention are all covered in this must-read magazine.

Construction In the general building, heavy construction, and related specialty trade sectors, today is all about Best Practices. Its readers include executives from major contractors, engineering and design firms, equipment manufacturers, suppliers of construction materials and building goods, and project owners and regulators from both the public and private sectors.

The editors of Construction Today interview senior leaders of successful organizations in each issue to learn and share their Best Practices and perspectives on relevant challenges. The main themes covered are engineering and technology, project finance, labor concerns, liability, laws, and the environment.

Every issue of Construction Today features dozens of North American construction firms, consulting engineers, and project owners. It provides information to its readers – upper-level executives and project managers – on best practices in project delivery methods, new technologies, market trends, and training techniques, as well as special sections dedicated to five of the industry’s most important sectors: commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and civil.